Writer’s Block and Earl Grey Tea

14 Jul


Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. Mondays are a very long day for me, with a twelve hour clinic shift! Although my morning was a little slow, things picked up in the afternoon and I saw lots of good cases. Thanks to Laura for helping me fill the downtime with good conversation!

In just two weeks I’m going to be graduating from Chinese medical school and starting my career as an acupuncturist. School was a long haul with almost four years of intense study. I’m so excited to be graduating and to spend the day with my family and friends! My parents are flying all the way to San Francisco from Illinois just to attend, so I’m a very lucky girl. I’ve been asked by my peers and by my school to make a speech at the ceremony. They’d like for me to speak on behalf of the students and to offer some words of wisdom as we embark on the next stage of our careers. Let me just say that I’m a very, very shy person and not accustomed to public speaking. So, the thought of making a speech in front of parents, family, professors and colleagues makes me extremely nervous. That said, I also love a challenge and think it would be good for me to put myself out there a bit more and be less guarded (part of the reason I started this blog too).

I woke up today ready to tackle my speech and pulled some inspiring books off my shelf to help. However, so far inspiration has eluded me and I have written nothing worthwhile. So far my notes look like this:IMG_1606

Sashi trys to lend a hand.

Sashi trys to lend a hand.

Hmmm…I think a break might be in order! As usual a break for me usually involves a cup of tea of some sort. Today I made one of my favorite teas, Earl Grey, and added some rice milk. Growing up in England I was conditioned to always take my black tea with milk!

Well, I’m off to struggle over this speech. Wish me luck!


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