Hair appointments and shopping!

17 Jul

So, any day where all I have to do is go shopping and get my hair done is bound to be a good day. My hair appointment was this morning, I always try to book the first appointment of the day, since inevitably hair dresses fall behind schedule. This way I’m not waiting around as much. I love getting my hair highlighted but wish that it didn’t take quite so long. I’m lucky if I get out of there in under 2 hours. I can’t complain though as my hairdresser, Jarrod Aldama at Grasshopper Salon, is totally awesome and we always have a good gossip session. Plus my color is always exactly what I want. He gave me a free Kerastase hair spray today as a graduation gift too. Thanks, Jarrod!

After my hair appointment I wanted to run into the Gap. I don’t usually shop at the Gap, but today I had no choice. Tuesday I’m attending a conference on integrative pain management. It’s a pretty big deal and there will be lots of amazing speakers from Stanford Medical School, UCSF and UC Davis. There’s going to be an entire lecture about acupuncture and a demonstration that I’m really looking forward to! I needed to buy something to wear since my school clothes are all pretty casual (as in I wear yoga pants everyday casual). I found a sensible, blue, cotton dress that I think should do the trick. I’m going to pair it with a nice cardigan, some heels and a belt around the waist. Here’a a preview.

I’ll show you the complete look on Tuesday!

I also found a really cute tunic that I’m going to wear as a dress with leggings and a cardigan. One thing I love about being short (I’m 5’2) is that I can wear long shirts as dresses! I’m going to wear it this weekend, I think. Sean and I are going to see the San Francisco Symphony play (for free!) in Dolores Park on Sunday. I’m also planning to make a picnic with lots of summer veggies. If the weather is nice it should be an awesome day!

I got home fairly late from all of my errands, so lunch wasn’t very elaborate. I picked up a vegan futomaki roll, with seaweed, rice, sesame seeds, carrot, shitake, cucumbers and daikon. It was perfect. I also had a sesame tamari rice cake with hummus and sunflower seeds. Delicious!

Now I’m off to tidy up the apartment before Sean gets home. We’re having veggie burgers and corn on the cob for dinner!


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