Any excuse for a picnic!

19 Jul

The San Francisco Symphony does a free concert every year at Dolores Park. Sean and I were excited to go this year, and I was even more excited to plan a picnic to bring along! I wanted to keep the picnic light and seasonal, utilizing produce from our box as well as any leftovers I had in the fridge. First, I decided to make a salad with corn, tomatoes, parsley, basil and lemon. I made it the night before so it had a chance to marinade overnight. Yummy!


Next, I made stuffed baby portabello mushrooms. I scooped out the meat of the mushrooms and then filled them with a simple puree of artichokes hearts, garlic, thyme and olive oil. I sprinkled a few breadcrumbs on top and baked these in the oven until the tops turned brown. Delicious!


I had a ton of potatoes from my box of produce, so I decided to make some potato salad too! To be honest, I always have a hard time using potatoes. They are kind of heavy for my taste and I usually end up just throwing them into a soup. Potato salad is an excellent sumer dish though, so I thought I’d give it a try. To keep it light I left out the mayonnaise and instead just added chopped red onion, parsley, dijon mustard and flax oil to the sliced, boiled potatoes. It was a perfect summer salad!


Last night for dinner I made salmon cakes! I made these with wild alaskan smoked salmon, lemon, capers, onion, an egg and breadcrumbs. I served them with dandelion greens, which were good, but really bitter.


For our picnic, I wanted to use the leftovers in a creative way, so I sliced open a whole wheat pita, added some hummus, corn and tomato salad and the rest of the salmon cakes. It was a great quick and simple sandwich to round out the meal!


Last, but not least…dessert! I wanted to make something with my two favorite fruits since they are both currently in season – blueberries and peaches. I decided to make fruit parfaits using blueberries, goat’s milk yogurt, raw granola and sliced peaches. These were amazing! Truly the perfect summertime dessert. They would also make an excellent breakfast. Plus, I have these fabulous little jars that are the perfect size for a single serving. I think I’ll make these again for my parents next week.



See the stage in the distance?

See the stage in the distance?

The view of the city from the park!

The view of the city from the park!

Happy (and full) after a nice day at the park!

Happy (and full) after a nice day at the park!


2 Responses to “Any excuse for a picnic!”

  1. pearsandplums July 19, 2009 at 9:51 pm #

    thats so cute! thats so much good food!!!


  1. Good Food, Great Parents and Graduation! « sun and moon and stars - July 28, 2009

    […] and I live. It was a nice change from the chaos of downtown, where they usually stay. I made them blueberry parfaits from last weekend to eat for breakfast on Saturday morning. They seemed to enjoy […]

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