Going with the Flow in (and out of) the Kitchen!

1 Sep

I had kind of a strange day today — it seemed like I could not get motivated to do anything! I know that I am technically on “vacation” right now, and that I don’t need to start studying for my boards until next week, but often I have difficulty with unstructured time. I tend to get a little mopey when things are not planned out for me, and I feel like I’m being lazy if my days aren’t jam-packed. In addition, I’m on the verge of some huge changes in my life, as school ends and I prepare to open my practice, and often in the face of change I become somewhat paralyzed by fear of the unknown. In Chinese Medicine this relates to the water element – the ability to flow through life smoothly even in the face of uncertainty. During times like this, I just need to practice embracing the change rather than being fearful of it, otherwise I might not appreciate all the amazing opportunities that come with it.

Okay, okay, enough rumination: it’s about time for dinner!

Tonight, I didn’t have anything specific planned, so I ended up just pulling some things out of the fridge randomly at about 7:00pm. I almost always cook like this – my husband calls it concocting. I’ll just grab whatever is in the fridge or pantry, and throw it all together into a meal. Nothing is measured, no cookbooks are consulted; I just kind of get into a flow and see what happens. To be honest, I’ve made some of my best meals this way – the only problem is that they are nearly impossible to duplicate!

Here’s what I had on hand tonight:

• 1 cup of dried, green lentils
• 1 sweet red pepper
• 1/2 red onion
• 1 clove of garlic
• 1 wild caught smoked salmon fillet
• garam masala
• coriander seeds
• fennel seeds
• lemon juice
• yogurt
• flax oil

I cooked the lentils until they were tender, then drained them and removed them from the heat. I ground together about a teaspoon of garam masala with the fennel, coriander and garlic. I only used a few seeds of the coriander and fennel as these are pretty aromatic! I stirred the spices in with the cooled lentils and added a little lemon juice. I then chopped the red pepper and onion and added these to the mixture. I spooned the lentil salad on a plate and topped it with some smoked salmon, a dollop of yogurt, a sprinkling of garam masala and some flax oil. The whole meal took only about half an hour to prepare and it was really, really good! I think I’m going to make some variation on this for a dinner party I’m having on Thursday, so stay tuned!




On a funny note, I came into the kitchen and found Sashi in a stand off with our iron! Who do you think will win this one?


It's just you and me, iron.

It's just you and me, iron.


I think I’m going to end my night with some yoga, one of the best ways I can think of to prepare myself for the unknown! Good night!


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