Sniffle Sniffle

9 Dec

So we’ve been sick around these parts….for what seems like the one millionth time this fall/winter. At the end of October, my sous chef got her first cold (sadness!) and her Dad and I quickly followed suit. Well, it seems as if that cold left me a little susceptible, because this weekend I had the sniffles again. As usual, I was a big baby about the whole thing and spent all day Sunday hiding under the blankets while my poor husband did everything else (thanks, honey).

Here are a few of the things that made me feel better.

1. Acupuncture – As an acupuncturist I can do this to myself…the rest of you better go to a professional. But I SWEAR by acupuncture for colds and flus. It’s especially great for bringing down a fever.

2. Soup – I mean it’s soup, need I say more?

3. Gatorade – Normally I turn my nose up at something with as much sugar as Gatorade, but when I’m sick I love this stuff. Yay for hydration!

4. Ken Burns’ Baseball series on PBS – It’s magical and fascinating and I love baseball…and why isn’t it spring yet?

5. Ginger Scallion Tea – I’ve talked about this before and you can find the recipe here. This is especially good for the first day of the cold. Or, to prevent yourself from getting sick entirely. It worked really well for my husband.

6. Online Shoe Shopping – Not exactly a proven therapy, but it works like a charm for me!

7. Cuddling With My Kitty – She only likes me when I’m feverish. The rest of the time she’s a Daddy’s girl.

Speaking of Daddy’s girls. Check out these two. I busted them with my camera phone.

Hey Dad, let's fix our pants and be cute.

Don't worry, Dad. I've got it all under control while Mom is sick.


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