7 Quick Takes – Novice Version

16 Sep

So this is my first time doing a 7 Quick Takes post.  It’s a great idea hosted by Jennifer at conversiondiary.com.  Each Friday I’ll post 7 snippets about…well we’ll see what they end up being about. This week, as a Quick Takes novice, I’m posting about what’s been happening at home.


1.    The nursery is almost done! For the past two years I’ve been dreaming about making a nursery for my little sous chef. The dream has (almost) been realized.  A full reveal is coming, but in the meantime here’s a sneak peek.


I love wallpaper!



2. The Missoni for Target collection came out on Tuesday.  Perhaps you heard?  Housewives everywhere lined up outside their local Tar-jays for a piece of the action and the shelves were bare within 15 minutes.    At least the shelves were bare in the fancy, schmancy big city Tar-jays.  Here in the Heart of Illinois there was still plenty of merchandise to be found when my mom and I strolled into Target on Wednesday afternoon.  We picked up two cute duvets, some clothes for the sous chef and my niece, a lovely glass bowl, shoes, pajamas, etc. etc.  The bowl found a home in my dining room and one of the hats found a home on my sous chef’s head.  Here’s a picture of her modeling said hat. She’s also wearing last night’s pajamas while riding in a wagon in our living room.


Nice hat, kid!



3. Speaking of my living room, it is pretty empty.  After moving from a one bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom house (hurray!), we have very little furniture.  We do, however, have  two pieces of (very important) furniture: a wagon and a chaise lounge  (italicized because it’s lovely and French).  The wagon is the property of one sous chef and the chaise has become property of Sashi.  For real.  She has taken over the entire couch and guards it with ferocity.   She then perches on it, like a princess, for the entire day.


Le Princess.



4. We’re going through an E-L-M-O detox right now.  I spell it, even in print, because the mere mention of the name will send my baby into a frenzy.  I’m not sure how it happened.  She’s never seen ‘Sesame Street’ and has watched just few minutes of television in her entire life.

Okay, I lie, I do know how it happened.  One day an exhausted, haggard, sleep deprived woman, who happens to look a lot like me, put E-L-M-O on You Tube so she could get a few minutes of peace (and quickly pour some tea down her gullet). A few minutes was all my sous chef needed to fall in love.  From that moment on, any time she saw my computer, she began arching her back and screaming for her furry, red friend.

Suddenly everywhere we turned he was there…on her diapers, at the grocery store, in her books.  Each sighting brought on an E-L-M-O induced hysteria more severe than the last. There was back arching, screaming, pointing, mommy slapping and even some biting.  I decided to nip the obsession in the bud, not because I think E-L-M-O is necessarily bad, rather I just don’t think my 13 month old should really be so narrowly focused on one character.  There are so many fun toys to play with!  So we’re taking a break from him for a few weeks.  In the meantime here’s a picture of the precise moment my sous chef fell in love (at the time I thought is was so innocent).


Love at first sight.



5. I made my first confession, since becoming baptized, last Saturday.  What an amazing experience.  I’d like to write an entire post about this because it deserves more than just a mere bullet point.  So I’ll have to leave you hanging on the details.  I will just say, it’s a beautiful and incredibly powerful sacrament, that I wish everyone could do at least once in their lives.



6. My sister in law saw Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen at Wal-Mart in Minnesota this week.  What were they doing at Wal-Mart, you ask?  They were shopping for deals like the rest of us!

Okay, not really.  They were promoting their new film, ‘The Way,’  which will be released on October 7th.  It actually looks quite good and I think my husband and I need to go on a date night so we can see it.  Gotta love a good Catholic pilgrimage flick!




7. I’ve been having a hard time finding my groove in the kitchen lately. Since we moved I haven’t really been very inspired when it comes to cooking. I’m looking for inspiration in the usual places (Martha!) but coming up with nothing. Does anyone have any good recipes or recommendations for books that may help get me back on track with cooking?



So that’s it!  My apologies for the terrible photo quality.  My camera has yet to be uncovered in the wreckage that is my home.


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