28 Sep

I love autumn.  I love that after 8 years in California, I finally get to experience autumn again.  My love for this season has nothing to with the fact that my birthday is in October.  No, nothing at all.


I love the way the light changes in the autumn.



And I love putting new coats on my sous chef, that are still a little too big.



I love watching her crunch leaves under her little feet.



I love that the air feels fresh and crisp.


And I love that I now have my very own magnolia tree.



And a front door on which to pile copious amounts of pumpkins.


Seriously, I went a little overboard.  It was almost as if I was possessed by Martha Stewart for a moment (although I’m aware she’s still alive). But, whatever, I love autumn and to me that means pumpkins.



Oh, and did I mention that it’s my birthday next month?


One Response to “Autumn”


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