7 Quick Takes

11 Nov

— 1 —

I’m sick with a nasty chest cold at the moment.  It’s caused my voice to drop a few octaves, which is very disturbing to my sous chef.  Every time I speak she looks around to see where Barry White is hiding.

— 2 —

I told my sous chef that today is a “pajama day” since I’m sick.  I explained that pajama days are really fun because you get to hang out in bed and read books and snuggle with Sashi.  Upon hearing this my sous chef decided to run across the room, fall into a chair, bite her lip and then turn to me with blood covering her teeth.  Apparently, she misheard me and thought “pajama day” actually meant “do your best Mike Tyson impersonation” day.  I had a mild coronary while cleaning up her mouth, but luckily discovered the wound was not very deep and the bleeding stopped quickly.  Phew.

It goes without saying that Sashi bolted from the scene and will NOT be taking part in pajama day.

— 3 —

It snowed here yesterday.  Okay, so really it was mild flurries, but to me, it counts.  I called my pregnant friend in California to check on the status of her uterus, and she told me that it was “beautiful and sunny and warm” in California.  I laughed and made out like I was happy for her, but on the inside I was weeping.

— 4 —

One nice thing about the winter is that I have an excuse to buy a new coat and some sweaters.  I’ll say things to my husband like, “Brrr…it’s getting cold here, we best go buy some sweaters at Anthropologie!”  Now, I know my husband sees right through this tactic.  He knows that:

a) I never leave the house. So, no matter what the outside temperature, I rarely experience anything other than a nice, mild 69 degrees.

b) Anthropologie is not the place to buy anything remotely warm or practical.  Rather, it is the place that we go to when I want to spend $200 on a fanciful cardigan with a bird on it and a smelly candle.

But, he pretends not to know these things. That’s why I love him.

— 5 —

Going to stores that sell overpriced cardigans means one thing; we’re taking a trip to the big city!  Yes, next weekend we’re headed to Chicago to see my husband’s father and do some shopping. I’m so excited to be in the city again.  Small town America, I love you, but sometimes a change of pace is needed.

— 6 —

Ummm, so, yeah there are seven of these Quick Takes aren’t there?  Hmmm.

— 7 —

Happy Veterans Day! Today I’m remembering my grandfathers and my grandmother who proudly served in the military. What a generation they were. Click here to see a gallery of some stunningly beautiful photos of Mass during wartime.

Prayer Service in Cologne Cathedral from Life Magazine

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