A Perennial Favorite

22 Nov

We just returned from a quick, yet surprisingly relaxing trip to Chicago.  While there, we had the very good fortune to eat brunch at Perennial Virant, a deliciously innovative restaurant in Chicago’s Lincoln Park.   It was the kind of dining experience that made me weep a little on the inside knowing that, later in the day, I would be returning to the land of the Bob Evans brunch.  In central Illinois it’s very hard to find creamy turkey sausage gravy over flaky buttermilk biscuits.  Or farm fresh eggs with roasted broccoli and bacon, cooked to perfection in an iron skillet.  *Sigh*  I can guarantee that we’d be hard pressed to find omelettes filled with creamy chevre, then topped with prosciutto and radishes sliced so thin they melt in your mouth.  And most of all we don’t have poached pears served with sage infused shortbread and fresh, orange scented whipped cream.  *Sob*  That last dish I ordered for my sous chef and then ended up eating it all myself.  I’m a nice, considerate, Mommy like that.

Perhaps a brunch like this exists here the heartland, but it remains elusive.  In the meantime my sous chef and I are going to get in the kitchen and do our best to recreate that omelette.  It will probably take us ten years, so wish us luck.  If you live in Chicago save yourself the effort and go to Perennial instead.

My sous chef would like now to include her review of this restaurant.  While she arrived at the same conclusion as I did regarding our dining experience her criteria for success were a little unorthodox.  Please see below:



Luckily for Perennial they kept the butter flowing, no questions asked.  They even sprinkled it with fleur de sel for bonus points.  It’s as if they knew there was a butter hound in their midst.


Thumbs up, Mom.


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