Pregnancy Lifesavers

19 Apr
Pregnancy Lifesavers

A few things I can’t live without at the moment.

1.  Spoiled Mama Tummy Butter – I was able to keep the stretch marks away with this  for my first pregnancy.  Fingers crossed it will work for my second!

2.  Granola Bars – I have to have food around all the time.  This was especially true in the first trimester, when morning sickness was at its worst.

3.  White Maternity Jeans – I’m due in August and need some cute maternity jeans to see me through the summer.  I have these from the Gap and I love them.

4.  Glasses – I discovered in my first pregnancy that I can’t really wear contacts because my eyes dry out so much.  So, this time around I invested in some cute glasses and have avoided all the eye infections and irritation that I dealt with before. Yay! Mine are from Bon Look.

5.  The Snoogle – Oh how I love thee, oh how my husband hates thee.

6.  Belly Band – This is wonderful for taking your pre-pregnancy jeans into the second trimester.  Beyond that, it provides much needed support when the belly starts to get heavy.

7.  Water, water, water – I nursed for the first five months of my pregnancy.  And boy do I have to drink a lot of water.  Get a nice bottle, invest in a filter, do what you have to, just keep yourself hydrated.

8.  Exercise – In my first pregnancy I had no car and lived in an urban area.  Finding ways to walk were not a problem.  Now I live in a far more suburban area with a toddler so I find I have to set aside time at the end of each day for a brisk walk.  It keeps me feeling sane and healthy and has been the biggest lifesaver of all.


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