Nursery Sneak Peek…

24 Apr

I am slowly gathering things to decorate a nursery for my new girl, due in early August.  With my sous chef, I did not have the wonderful luxury of giving her a room of her own (although she has one now that she loves!).  So I had to settle with day dreaming about a nursery.  Luckily, for this baby, there is a room just waiting and I cannot wait to show it to her.

Here are a few of my finds so far with links to the fabulous Etsy shops where they are from.

1. Butterflies!  These attach to the wall and are simply lovely.  I found these at Lee Shay and Simply Chic Lily.




2. Cloud Mobile.  I love clouds, particularly these made by The Butter Flying.  If I could I would buy one of everything from this shop! Her whimsical, adorable creations are perfection.




3. Bunting.  I found this beautiful bunting made from lovely, vintage fabric at Home Sweet Sewn.  I’m going to incorporate it into a reading corner that I’m making for my girls.




4. Art by Flor Larios Art.  I bought a piece entitled Mary with Rosary for my sous chef and it’s my favorite thing in her room.  For my new girl I decided to go with something similar and found these wonderful prints.




5. Cat on a changing table.  Apparently Sashi thinks changing table means “fine cat boudoir,” and has taken up residence on ours.  I have yet to find one of these for sale on Etsy, although I may be opening a shop of my own soon…




6. The giraffe.  My sous chef and I picked this out together at our local Children’s Museum.  When we first brought it home my sous chef placed it in her baby sister’s room and every time we walked by she’d smile and say, “baby sister’s giraffe.”  After a few days, she asked me if she could “hold baby sister’s giraffe.”  Like the fool I am, I agreed, and the next thing I know she was carrying it around with her everywhere.  When pressed she agreed that it was still “baby sister’s giraffe” and she was merely going to “hold it.”  A few more days passed and my parents came to babysit.  When my mother saw her with the giraffe she asked, “Oh, is this baby sister’s giraffe?”  My sous chef’s response?  “No.”



3 Responses to “Nursery Sneak Peek…”

  1. flor April 25, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    Beautiful post! I love all the good treats you found on Etsy. Thank you so much for choosing my art prints!

    • sunandmoonandstars April 29, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

      You’re very welcome! I’ll take some more pics when the prints are framed and hanging up. They really are so beautiful.

  2. eripaige May 6, 2012 at 2:01 pm #

    I am excited to see it all come together! And Sashi is super cute!

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