Saying Yes To Life…

6 Jun

…is not even close to our family motto at the moment. We’re embracing more of a “Just Say No” philosophy these days. The movement is being led by my sous chef, of course. She prefaces everything with the word “No” except for those sentences that begin with “Bea wants.”  As you can imagine, all of this amounts to a rollicking good time for Mommy.  So far this morning (it’s 7:12) I’ve been told,

1. No sleeping, Mommy! As if I would even dare…

2. No, poo poo changing, Mommy! This seems self-explanatory.

3. No eating, Mommy! While I tried in vain to scarf down a bowl of granola.

4. No breathing, Mommy!  In response to the deep, guttural sighs that emanate from me frequently.

5. No sitting, Mommy!  My personal favorite.

6. No baby belly, Mommy!  Upon seeing me emerge from the bathroom still pregnant with her little sister.

And so it goes, on and on.   My husband has simply taken to referring to her as little Mussolini (affectionately of course) before gleefully leaving for work.

I’ve made a video to give you a glimpse into our action packed world of “NO!”.  As you can see from the video we have also decided to fully embrace the toddler mullet this summer.



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