Toddler + Newborn, Week One

27 Aug

I somehow managed to survive my first week, home alone, with my young stewards of need.  Here are a few highlights from the glorious week in handy bullet point format because my brain will not work to form complete sentences.

  • Total number of times we watched Tangled – 100,000+
  • Number of times Mommy cried while watching Tangled – 99,999
  • Number of showers completed by Mommy – 3 (holla!)
  • Number of times sous chef slammed her head into floor in defiance – 75 (so glad she’s started doing that again)
  • Attempts to climb out of crib – 4
  • Enormous chai lattes consumed – 5
  • Postpartum lbs lost – 0 (see point above)
  • Friends I deterred from ever having a natural labor – 1 (you’re welcome, Abbie)
  • Attempts made to leave the house – 3 (all to Starbucks)
  • Poopy diapers changed – you don’t want to know.
  • Moments where all three of us were simultaneously crying – 6
  • Moments where all three of us were simultaneously napping – 0
  • Number of times Bea asked to kiss Hazel – 200+
  • Number of years married to my amazing husband – 5 (Happy Anniversary!)

And there you have it.  On this week’s agenda we have multiple viewings of “The Aristocats,” (Mommy will NOT be crying, but fighting back tears of boredom) more chai lattes to consume, and a post-baptism party to plan! Wish us luck, we’ll need it!


2 Responses to “Toddler + Newborn, Week One”

  1. eripaige August 29, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

    Hey Love, You are doing great! If you need help planning or anything baptism related feel free to let me know. I can make food or whatever you need the day before or the morning of. Or if you just want some free time to take a longer shower before the baptism I don’t mind stopping by and watching my two amazing little nieces. xoxo

  2. Cheryll Tate September 9, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    I love it!!!

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