The Doggies (and their towel)

23 Oct

Some children grow attached to a stuffed animal.  Others devote themselves to a blankie, or even a well-loved pacifier.  Bea, however, likes to do things a little differently. She has decided to cleave, body and soul, to three small, plastic dogs and a little green towel.  They are collectively known as “The Doggies and their towel.”



Originally packaged as bath toys and called The Dirty Doggies (hence the towel), Bea instantly recognized in these three canines an attitude for fun that extended far beyond the bathtub. And so, she decided, the doggies (and their towel) must accompany us on all of our endeavors.  For us, this means going to Target, Mass and the grocery store. They also take all of their meals at the table with us.  Often they need a few crackers to satisfy their doggy appetites while Bea eats.  They have been found bathing with us, getting dressed with us and perching on the end of the changing table while diapers are being changed.



Now, these doggies probably wouldn’t have such an impact on my life if, say, there were two of them and they fit nicely in each of Bea’s tiny palms. Alas, there are three (and a tiny towel), which means Bea cannot carry them without assistance from yours truly.  So, now, as well as carrying a diaper bag, baby carrier, purse, car seat and a two month old baby everywhere, I must also carry around three small doggies (and their towel). Joy.

My husband and I think it may be wise to head to Toys ‘R’  Us and purchase some backup doggies in case one goes walkabout, or, horror of all horrors, we lose their tiny, green towel.

Ready for Halloween


3 Responses to “The Doggies (and their towel)”

  1. Anonymous October 23, 2012 at 7:50 am #

    definitely worth the investment to have one or two sets of backup doggies! Do it soon before the don’t have them in stock!!!!

  2. TealLine Photography October 26, 2012 at 7:10 am #

    maybe she would like to carry them in a purse? zoey had soem ponies she had to tote around for awhile and there were quite a few…so she just stuck them in her hott pink purse and took that everywhere instead =D


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    […] So, I’m working on that. But first, I have to go upstairs and lay down the law because the doggies and their towel (who were removed from her bed because they interfere with nap time) have been sprung from their […]

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