Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

26 Nov

We had a lovely Thanksgiving ’round here.  To my husband’s delight, I had a long list of chores for him to do, most of which him/we got done.  We feasted on not one, but two Thanksgiving dinners.  We watched not one, but two football games (my absolute limit).  And we gave Bea not one, but two million time-outs over her new favorite phrase: Don’t tell me what to doooooo!

While there is some debate over where this gem of a phrase originated, it appears to be here to stay.  Bea has found a way to apply it to all situations in which she is unhappy or even mildly perturbed.

Mom: Bea it’s time for bed.

Bea: Don’t tell me what to do!


Bea: Waaaaah! (after falling down and hitting her head)

Mom: Honey, are you ok?

Bea: Don’t tell me what to do!


Mom: Sweet Bea, would you like some more juice?

Bea: Don’t tell me what to do!


You get the idea.


We even hear her dreaming about telling people, “don’t tell me what to doooo.”  It’s times like this I’m happy there is an off switch on the baby monitor.


After the first one million time-outs, she started to catch on to the fact that her parents disapprove of this phrase. So, she has decided to shorten it to just, “Don’t tell…!” or even, “Don’t!” accompanied by a look of gleeful defiance.   Wish us luck as we continue to attempt to rid this lovely phrase from our daughter’s vernacular.























2 Responses to “Don’t Tell Me What To Do!”

  1. Valerie November 26, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

    Is that a jukebox in the corner?

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