18 Dec

I organized a playdate for Bea today. To her this meant:  Mommy is inviting another little girl over to play with your toys while you watch nervously and shift from foot to foot.  To me it meant: Hooray an adult to talk to!  I provided my guests with very stimulating conversation as I waxed on about Bea’s love for dinosaurs.  Then at the end of the playdate when the girls exchanged Christmas gifts, Bea opened hers to find (surprise!) a dinosaur puzzle. Apparently, I had already discussed Bea’s passion for dinosaurs in each of our previous three playdates.  It must have been very exciting for them.  That’s why they keep coming back, I’m sure.  Other than that, I set up a reindeer antler craft, which proved to be of no interest to the toddler set and resulted in yours truly making antlers for Bea, Mommy and Daddy.  We can wear them tonight in a crazy, reindeer inspired dinner party.


They have proven to be quite a distraction to Hazel while nursing. Go figure.

photo (19)


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