7 Quick Takes – It’s February!

1 Feb

Linking up once again!

1. Oh thank goodness it’s February!  I could not wait to see the end of January. I’ve never been a fan of this month, but this one seemed particularly rough with all of us getting sick and me throwing my back out. Apparently it’s a bad idea to swing a toddler around like a monkey while carrying a 6 month old. Who knew?

2. The downside of being the only acupuncturist in town is that when you throw your back out there is no one to call! Needling yourself is no fun. All I can say is thank goodness for QiGong and distal acupuncture points. My back started feeling much better after about a day of self-treatment. Also, Bea came up behind me and kissed my back and back and said, “I make it better, Mommy.” That was the best treatment of all.

3. Another Bea-ism to add to my ever-growing list. Yesterday, she walked up to me and said, “Hello, Mister Woman.” I hoped this was a one time thing, but she seems delighted by this new moniker for her mother and has been referring to me as “Mister Woman” ever since.

4. It’s almost Lent! I’m discussing with Bea the possibility of giving up: tantrums, waking up screaming in the middle of the night, sleeping with 20 “guys” in her crib and skipping naps. Somehow I doubt she will be on board with this, but a Mom Mr. Woman can try.

Don't believe a word she says.

Don’t believe a word she says.

5. I bought the best, THE BEST, hair mousse for thin/fine/going bald postpartum hair. It’s by Oscar Blandi and I love it. I have hair thinner than Dick Cheney, and this stuff works miracles. Check it out here!

6. We have new neighbors and to welcome them to the neighborhood we bought them a delicious caramel apple pound cake from a bakery here in town. Except being the bums that we are, we got busy and distracted and never dropped it off at their house. We now have one caramel apple pound cake that is way past its sell by date sitting in our kitchen. This morning we contemplated giving it to them anyway with a note that says: Welcome to the neighborhood! Here’s a crusty old pound cake. Bad idea? Probably. I think we’ll replace it instead. If I’m complaining next week that someone hurled a hard pound cake through our window then you’ll know what kind of neighbors we are.

7. And the most exciting news of all! Hazel started eating food! And like any good 21st Century mom I documented the entire thing like the paparazzi. Here are a few gems for you to enjoy.







After - back to the happiest baby in the world.

After – back to the happiest baby in the world.


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