Five Favorites

17 Apr

Linking up with the always lovely Hallie for the first time!

As I was writing this post in my head this morning (you do that, don’t you?), I suddenly realized that my first three ‘favorites’ were all subscription boxes. It turns out, I may have a leeeetle bit of a problem/addiction to these. Subscription boxes combine two of my favorite activities: Getting mail (specifically parcels with goodies inside, I’m not talking about the Nicor bill) and getting things delivered so that I don’t have to leave the house. Here’s my lowdown on my boxes.

1. I know everyone and their mother has heard of Birchbox, but still I have to sing its praises. For $10 a month, you get a box of cosmetic samples sent to your door, wrapped in pretty paper, ready for you to try. Most of the products are sample size, although usually there will be one full size item in the box. Critics will argue that you can get all of these samples for free at the makeup counter, so why would anyone pay $10 for them? However, to me, the idea of packing up my littles, getting strollers out the car (in the rain, most likely) and traipsing around the mall asking for free samples sounds awful with a capital FUL. Instead I will happily pay the lovely ladies at Birchbox to assemble my not-so-free samples for me and send them to my door. Hoo-ray!

As an added bonus, I don’t really wear that much makeup so the samples last me an embarrassingly long time. I’ve only had one box where I felt a bit ripped off – I opened it to find a Luna bar, a tiny sample of Juicy Couture perfume (um, no) and this, the teeeeniest lipstick in all the land.

Does your newborn need some lipstick? Call me.

Does your newborn need some lipstick? Call me.

For the most part, though, the boxes have been very nice with lots of useful things. In fact, I suspect the Birchbox team has been peaking through my window, because I’ve received many products for lackluster hair and tired eyes. No complaints here, that shoe certainly does fit.

Here’s a sampling of products from my last two boxes.


(from left) Lotions, Body Wash, Hair Serum, Hair Oil, Sunscreen, Perfume, Eye Makeup Remover, Eye Cream

2. Speaking of tired eyes…I received this Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On on in my most recent Birchbox. It’s a “roll-on” eye cream that is supposed to reduce puffiness and dark circles. It feels very soothing to a tired mama’s eyes. It’s only been a few days, but I think I’ve noticed a difference in the eye puffiness region. In fact, just today, upon seeing me at the door, my UPS lady gave me a nod and pity smile instead of her usual recoil in fear- I would call that a success.

3. Another approach to dealing with tired eyes, of course, is to highlight them with eyeliner. For that I am obsessed with this eyeliner: Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner. I love the look of liquid liner, but am really bad at applying it without making myself look like a raccoon. However, this one is so easy to apply that I’m sure a monkey could do it, if she were so inclined. I was given a full size pencil in my Birchbox, which was a really good deal because it retails for $16. I don’t wear eyeliner that much so this should last me until Hazel graduates from college.

4. Now, onto another subscription box! This one is called Kiwi Crate. This was a Christmas gift from Grandma and we love it. Every month a Kiwi Crate, containing two art projects, is sent to our abode. I believe the website says the art projects are designed for kids  3-7, but Bea (at 2) really enjoys them. Sometimes her finished product isn’t quite what the designers had in mind (behold our attempt at making paper below), but she always has fun and starts begging to do her “Weekee Cate” the second it arrives. There are usually enough supplies for two or (maybe) three children, but probably not for more than that. It would be nice to see an option for bigger families.

Artisan paper makers.

Artisan paper makers.

5.  Finally, I’ve been loving my Honest Company household goods subscription lately. I also get their diapers for Hazel and am really happy with them. While I am a firm believer that nothing can make a poopy diaper pleasant, the folks at The Honest Company get an A for effort with their cute designs. Their household items are really great too, all non-toxic etc. They are constantly expanding their line and have most of the essentials for your home. Their cleaning products work really well and I am kind of obsessed with their new soy candle. Also, you can customize your box easily. Here’s my most recent box which contains: Bug Spray, Body Wash, Laundry Detergent, Sponges and Sunscreen.


Gossip time…I saw on their Facebook page that apparently they are having issue with The Honest Toddler over rights to the word “Honest” (eyeroll). I really hope this isn’t true because I love me some Honest Toddler and would hate to have to choose between them. For the record The Honest Company had this to say about the whole thing:

Written by a lawyer, methinks.

Written by a lawyer, methinks.

Go see Hallie for more!


3 Responses to “Five Favorites”

  1. bobbi @ revolution of love April 18, 2013 at 2:36 pm #

    Oh, boy you’ve got me wanting to sign up for Birchbox and I hardly wear makeup. LOL. How fun!

  2. Must Have Boxes April 19, 2013 at 1:35 pm #

    I’m so jealous that you received the full-size Simple roll-on eye product in your Birchbox. I’m dying to try it. I just posted the review of my April Birchbox on my blog too :).

    – KW

  3. eripaige April 19, 2013 at 7:35 pm #

    Birtchbox and the Honest Company look great! After taking my ecofeminist theology class last year (and having to read Raising Elijah for it) and teaching a consumerism/toxins we release 6-week sunday school course I am looking for ways to go non-toxic!

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