A Graduation Celebration (of sorts).

21 May

This past weekend my younger brother AND my sister-in-law graduated from college.  My sous chef and I went to Minnesota to partake in the festivities (sans Daddy who, sadly, had to work).  We had a bit of a whirlwind week planned which involved seeing family, shopping, my nephew’s birthday party, my mother’s birthday party and finally both graduation ceremonies back to back on the same day…yeesh.  But, I was excited and ready as we embarked on our adventure.

And then, because life likes to throw us a curve ball now and then, my sous chef got sick. 😦

My sous chef rarely gets sick.  I think the last time was almost a year ago, so I was not anticipating this.  In addition, this was the first time she’d been sick since I’d weaned her.  Now, for those of you mamas who nurse, you know that nursing is a magical elixir of comfort when your baby is sick.  Most of the time it’s all they want to do.  It makes your baby feel better, it keeps them hydrated and it allows your little one to get some much needed rest.  Prior to this experience my approach to my sous chef’s illnesses has been to simply nurse her until she felt better.  Without this is my arsenal, I felt pretty helpless.


Me, helpless, at 1:00am.


Let’s just watch Winnie the Pooh, Mom.

So instead I opted for cuddles, gallons of ice water, cool baths and lots of Winnie the Pooh to get through the week.  We made it, and since my little one’s fever finally broke on Friday, we even attended both graduation ceremonies.  Although, while my family baked in the hot, hot sun, I took my baby inside and watched the ceremonies in the student center on a big screen TV while relaxing on a comfy sofa.

It wasn’t quite the fun filled week I had expected, but I’m so happy I was able to be there for my brother and sister-in-law on their big day.  I’m so proud of them both and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.  Now, I’m off to sleep for a week…


That’s what you think, Mom!

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